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Can Dash Cams Save You Money on Your Insurance?


In times like these, we’re always looking for ways to save a little extra, right? This leads many of us to seek out what we can do to add some more discounts onto insurance policies and cut down on some recurring monthly expenses. While, in general, insurance companies do not offer a discount on auto policies for having a dashcam, there are some surprising perks to having one that could save you a lot of money!

What is a Dashcam?

So, what exactly is a dashcam and why would you want one? While often referred to as dashcams, their full name is dashboard camera. As the name suggests, these are small cameras that mount directly to your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield.

These cameras are designed to monitor images and sound both inside and outside the vehicle, depending on the model you choose, of course. Dashcams used to be used solely in police vehicles and semi-trucks, however, they are becoming rather popular in private vehicles.

Not All Dashcams are Created Equal

Like most things on the market, dashcams come in a wide variety of models, brands and host a range of different features. And like all other things, this causes them to range in price from a hundred dollars to well over several hundred dollars for higher-end models.

Many dashcams offer HD or even 4k video capabilities for crystal clear images, which is one of the most important features to look for. Many dashcams have removable SD cards that store the videos and overwrite the oldest as it fills while others upload their data to a cloud storage which is accessible through your phone on mobile apps.

All dashcams record on a continuous loop and most offer an impact detection feature where they start recording if they sense an impact. Higher-end versions can backtrack the recording a few seconds before the impact to try to capture the entire moment. These higher-end models can also come with parking motion sense recording even when they are turned off and things like GPS tracking of time, location and speed.

What Are the Benefits of Having One?

Okay, so how could something that doesn’t offer you any insurance discounts still save you some money? Well, think of it as an impartial witness.

“Dash cameras provide non-biased evidence of what occurred that led up to an accident.” said Bob Buckel, vice president of personal auto, Erie Insurance. “Our memories can get skewed after a collision, so having this evidence can assist the insurance company with understanding what factors may have contributed to the accident.”

Sometimes it is not always perfectly clear what happened just from looking at the damage on the vehicles. Sometimes witnesses’ memories lapse or recall things out of order in a moment of high stress. And, unfortunately, sometimes people lie. Having a dashcam allows claims experts the chance to see what happened, exactly as it happened. This helps insurance companies to settle claims faster.

This benefit of being an impartial witness is not exclusive to just accidents you are personally involved in. Your dashcam can help someone else if it happens to see what happened in an accident that happened near you. Your footage can settle a claim and save someone else the extra hassle.

Dashcams Come With an Extra Level of Security

Dashcams can also act as a general deterrent, which can help you avoid any claims or out of pocket cost for damage from theft or vandalism on your vehicle. Seeing a dashcam mounted in a vehicle can be more than enough to sway the intentions of a would-be thief under the fear of the camera catching them and uploading the footage to a cloud storage.

Another hidden benefit comes from the side effects of having a camera monitoring your vehicle that we mentioned above, people drive more consciously! If you have a teenager that often drives your vehicle, it can help encourage safer driving habits. Let’s face it, we all are on our best behavior when we know someone is watching, same mentality applies with a dashcam!

In the long run, a dashcam could prove to be worth the upfront investment, not only in assisting with closing claims quickly, but also for general peace of mind and a sense of security over your vehicle. While we can’t promise to have eyes on your vehicle 100% of the time, we can offer better peace of mind and outstanding coverage with an Insurance policy serviced by an agent who cares. To learn more, contact us today.

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